For Agencies

Many people offer medical & pharmaceutical translation services, so why should you assign your translation project to me?

Because I am an ATA-certified translator who has been extensively involved in the development of new drugs and medical devices!

I worked for 6 years on a drug/medical device combination product that was tested in Phase I clinical trials. The time I spent at Wyeth and Stryker has given me an in-depth understanding of many facets of pharmaceutical and medical device development: clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, labeling, pre-clinical testing, sterility, production of biotechnology drugs, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, surgical procedures, drug delivery, biocompatibility of medical devices, biomarkers, imaging, immunoassays, and antibodies.

Why does my industry experience matter?

It allows me to produce a translation that is accurate and appropriate for a pharmaceutical or medical device context. Contact me about your translation request—I will make sure that it is done to your satisfaction and that of your client.

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